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Desired Websites are very proud of our work. As can be seen by these websites, they are a clean design which

are mobile friendly and user friendly. Below are some screenshots and some info about these sites. Check out
our work!

Coloured Glass Solutions

coloured glass solutions screenshot

Need a site for your trade. We can sort you with a excellent presented site lik Coloured Glass Solutions.

Wickedbeatz Radio

wickedbeatzradio screenshot

Wickedbeatzradio is a online radio station. This design was to make the site user friendly and to get users to

coming back to the site. It includes a private chatroom, request page and music news. It has a seperate music player.

If you are keen to start your own radio staion and need a site, Desired websites can provide all that you will need!

Christopher Madden

chrismadden screenshot

This site is personal portfolio site. It has a professional look and catches the eye of users. It contains all info about

Christopher Madden. If you are looking for a personal portfolio site that we make you shine, Desired Websites is the place

for you.

Canasta Eternal

canasta eternal screenshot

Are you in a gaming clan or alliance? Well if you are then a must is a website for your group. This site is designed to

function so the group runs smoothly. Desired Websites can make you group

number 1 in your game.



Looking to get your business on the net. Reach millions of of new customers with a great user friendly site for your

business. This site is well branded and showcases all about clearwater and their company. Desired Websites can make your

business grow and reach its true potential.